Anatomy Of A Dual-Fuel System: How Your Heat Pump And Furnace Work Together To Keep You Warm When It’s Cold

In cold winter climates like we have here in Northeast Ohio, dual-fuel heating systems are ideal for saving you money on heating costs. While air-source heat pumps are designed for use in moderate climates without sustained sub-freezing temperatures, dual-fuel systems integrate your furnace with a heat pump to heat your home in the most efficient way, whether it’s early spring or sub-zero winter temperatures outside. 

So how exactly do dual-fuel systems work? During milder cold weather, dual-fuel heating systems heat your home with an air-source heat pump (powered by electricity). When temperatures fall below freezing for extended periods, however, the heat pump loses its ability to efficiently extract warmth from the outside air. This is when the furnace kicks in to take over the heating load.

The heat pump and furnace work together during the summer and milder cold weather by employing only the furnace’s air distribution features and not turning on the burners. This allows your furnace to run at partial capacity for much of the year. In heating mode, the furnace fan blows air across the warm coils and sends the warmed air throughout the house. This process is reversed during the summer in order to cool your home like an air conditioner.

A dual-fuel set-up allows your system to use the most efficient fuel for the current temperature, and lets you exploit the energy efficiency of a heat pump for all of your home’s heating and cooling needs.

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