Buying A Furnace Online: What Looks Like A Deal Could Cost You

When it comes time for buying a furnace, many homeowners may be tempted to look online. After all, you get the convenience of comparison shopping without having to leave your home, and you can often find good prices. Why wouldn’t you buy your furnace online? The truth is, several factors make buying your furnace online more costly and troublesome than it first appears.

First, you have to choose a furnace that is the right size for your home. Professional HVAC installers do a load calculation that determines exactly what you need. Getting too small a furnace will leave you cold, while getting too large a furnacBuying A Furnace Online: What Looks Like A Deal Could Cost You  e will cause the unit to cycle more frequently, driving up your bills and not heating your home efficiently. A furnace that’s too small or too large is less likely to work correctly with your duct system, too. While you can do a load calculation yourself, a trained HVAC professional will get more accurate results.

Second, most manufacturers don’t honor warranties for furnaces bought online. Because they have no guarantee that the unit will be installed correctly, they won’t guarantee that the unit will work properly once installed.

Third, installation can be a problem. HVAC installers make the majority of their profit from selling the unit prior to installing it. In addition, they are not willing to install a unit without knowing that it is in good condition. Because of these factors, most HVAC dealers are reluctant to install furnaces that have been bought over the internet.

That leaves the homeowner to do the installation or hire an installer who may not have training on the specific unit being installed. Incorrect furnace installation can have consequences that range from something as simple as higher energy bills to something as deadly as toxic gasses being released into your home.

The lower costs that can often be found online are tempting to any homeowner who wants to save money – and who doesn’t? The hidden costs that come from not having a warranty, incorrect installation or choosing the wrong unit can add up to the point where buying a furnace online costs more than going to a dealer.

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