Indoor Air Quality Solutions From Geisel

If you are like most homeowners, you may be facing problems with indoor air quality due to the build-up of dust, dander, lint, mold spores, chemical fumes, pollen, allergens, bacteria and viruses inside your home. Depending upon the type of contaminants in the air and the length of exposure, poor indoor air quality can contribute to a number of health problems including nasal congestion, eye and skin irritation, allergies, asthma, coughing, sneezing, respiratory diseases and in some cases even cancer.

One key component of combating indoor air pollution is to install a high quality air cleaner. Geisel offers two main types of air cleaners that can help to dramatically improve the quality of the air inside your home: mechanical air cleaners and electronic air cleaners.  Below you will find detailed information on each of these indoor air quality solutions.

Mechanical Air Cleaners

Mechanical air cleaners work by physically capturing particles as they pass through a filtering material. Inexpensive fiberglass filters are one of the most common types of mechanical air cleaners. The problem with fiberglass filters is that they are fairly ineffective when it comes to removing airborne particles. In fact, they typically only remove about 15 percent of the contaminants, leaving the other 85 percent to continue polluting the air inside your home.

A better option is to choose one of Geisel’s heavy-duty media filters. These high-quality filters remove up to 28 times more airborne particles than standard fiberglass filters, making them a far more effective option for improving indoor air quality.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners are another great option when it comes to indoor air quality solutions. These air cleaners work by first assigning an electric charge to particles in the air, and then using oppositely charged collector plates to attract and remove the charged particles. Not only are these air cleaners highly effective at reducing airborne contaminants, but they are also inexpensive to operate.

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