Experiencing Energy Loss? How An Energy Audit Can Provide The Solution

Hiring a professional to perform a home energy audit can help you locate areas of energy loss due to air leaks, inadequate insulation, outdated equipment and poorly installed ductwork. Identifying the main problem areas in your home can help you decide which home improvement projects will result in the most dramatic energy savings. During a typical energy audit, a technician performs a number of tasks including the following:

  • Experiencing Energy Loss? How An Energy Audit Can Provide The SolutionExterior Inspection. The auditor typically starts by visually inspecting the exterior of your home, looking for unsealed cracks or openings that could be contributing to energy loss.
  • Attic Inspection. Next, the technician usually moves on to your attic where they spend time inspecting insulation levels and searching for air leaks.
  • Equipment Inspection. Once the attic inspection is complete, the auditor moves on to your home’s heating and cooling equipment. Here, they examine your equipment carefully, looking for any problems that could be reducing efficiency. During this portion of the energy audit, they also examine your water heater for potential energy loss.
  • Duct Inspection. Next up, they thoroughly examine your home’s ductwork, looking for loose connections and air leaks.
  • Blower Door Test. Finally, most energy auditors perform a blower door test to pinpoint the exact location of air leaks. This test involves using a large fan to suck the air out of your home. As the indoor air is removed, outdoor air is drawn in through any unsealed openings to replace it. Using an infrared camera to detect temperature variations, the technician can then precisely identify the areas where energy is being lost.

After the inspection is over, the auditor will provide you with a report outlining any problems that they found. You can use this report to determine the best way to reduce energy loss in your home.

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