How Do Variable-Speed Blower Motors Enhance Energy Savings?

Although you may have heard the term “variable-speed blower,” unless you’re as obsessed with the HVAC industry as we are, you may not know exactly what it means and how it can benefit you. In the world of heating and cooling, variable-speed blowers are a relatively new technology that offers homeowners a way to significantly reduce their energy costs. Their enhanced energy efficiency makes them extremely attractive in today’s era of high utility costs.How Do Variable-Speed Blower Motors Enhance Energy Savings?

The way they work is simple. Every forced air heating or cooling system contains a blower, a motorized system for distributing air through a home’s ductwork. Traditional blower motors run on one speed only — full-blast. They cycle on and off throughout the day, but always require the same amount of energy to do their job.

Conversely, variable-speed blowers are programmed to run at a variety of speeds, which lowers their energy consumption over time. They come equipped with sensors that instruct the motor to ramp up or down to meet the home’s heating or cooling needs. Unlike traditional blower motors, variable-speed blowers are designed to run continuously. They never cycle on and off, thereby avoiding the additional energy required to get them up to speed.

For the homeowner, this translates into real energy savings. How?

  • The design of a variable-speed blower is inherently more efficient. Its use of electromagnets rather than brushes to create torque allows it to operate more efficiently — up to 30 percent more efficiently at lower speeds — than a standard blower motor.
  • While standard motors consume approximately 400 watts of electricity per hour, variable-speed motors use only 75 watts per hour. Over time, that translates into lowered utility bills.
  • Because the motor circulates air constantly, homeowners experience more consistent temperatures in their homes. This reduces the need to adjust the thermostat up or down to maintain a comfortable temperature, which, in turn, lowers monthly energy costs. This also allows for more efficient filtration and humidity control.

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