Why Routine Filter Changes Enchance Furnace Efficiency

Why are routine filter changes so important?Why Routine Filter Changes Enchance Furnace Efficiency

You’d be surprised how often we’re asked that question. You may think that air filters play a minor role in the life of your furnace, but in our experience, they can have a real impact on the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

No matter how often you dust and vacuum, the air inside your home still contains some airborne contaminants. Dust, dirt and pet dander are the most common, but smoke and aerosol residue are also present in many homes. The air filter on a furnace has one main purpose — to capture these contaminants and keep them from damaging the heating equipment. Filters also improve indoor air quality by removing dirt and dust from the air as it circulates through the system — which keeps everyone breathing easier.

When a filter becomes dirty, however, these benefits rapidly disappear. Not only will a clogged filter be rendered incapable of removing air contaminants; it will also begin to impede the furnace’s overall air flow, making it less efficient. That’s because the furnace will be forced to run longer in order to reach the thermostat setting, resulting in higher energy costs for the homeowner. In the end, the added wear and tear will reduce the lifespan of the system as well.

Routine filter changes are the key to avoiding this kind of situation. During the winter months, it’s important to check the air filter every 30 days. If it appears dirty or clogged, change it immediately. If you have a high-density filter on your furnace, follow the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule but keep a watchful eye. Any sort of build-up will prevent air from flowing freely through the furnace and quickly reduce its efficiency. Avoid potential problems by making routine filter changes a part of your regular, homeowner maintenance schedule.

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