How A Whole-House Humidifier Works To Bring Comfort To Your Home

The temperature is dropping here in the greater Cleveland area, and with the cold weather comes dry indoor air. If you find that you suffer from dry, itchy skin during the winter months or notice the hardwood floors or furniture in your home starting to crack, that dry air is having an impact inside your home. Get some relief with a whole-house humidifier.

During the summer, our warmer temperatures allow the air to absorb and carry more moisture — and we’re left feeling sticky. In winter, it’s the opposite. Because cold air isn’t capable of absorbing much moisture, everything inside our homes tends to dry out due to the reduced humidity levels — our skin, our noses, our furniture, even the paint on the walls. Running a steamy shower or leaving containers of water around the house aren’t going to solve the problem. They simply won’t be able to add enough moisture to make a difference.

But whole-house humidifiers can. While stand-alone models work well for small spaces or individual rooms, the most efficient way to distribute humidity throughout an entire home is to attach a humidifier to the heating and cooling system itself. Whole-house humidifiers are plumbed directly into a home’s forced air system. When heated air moves through the furnace’s blower, it also passes through a water panel in the humidifier, picking up water vapor along the way. This allows moist air to be distributed evenly and consistently.

Whole-house humidifiers come with recommended humidity levels based on average outside temperatures. Because each home and homeowner is different, however, those settings can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. Remember: don’t overdo it. Too much moisture inside a home can contribute to overly damp conditions and encourage mold growth. If condensation appears on your windows, it’s time to turn down the humidistat. Keep making adjustments until the condensation and your dry air symptoms are eliminated.

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