Has A Small, Out-Of-The-Way Space Got You Baffled? Consider The Flexibility Of Ductless Mini Splits

Do you have an addition to you home you want cooled or heated? Have you remodeled your garage so it’s a new recreation room or bedroom and want to extend your heating and air conditioning system but don’t have an economical way to extend the ductwork?

Has A Small, Out-Of-The-Way Space Got You Baffled? Consider The Flexibility Of Ductless Mini SplitsYou should look into ductless mini splits, a convenient way to extend air conditioning and heating to an addition without having to extend your duct system. Mini splits are also ideal for creating a new air distribution system if you’re converting from some other type of ductless heating or cooling.

Similar to standard air-source heat pump systems, ductless mini splits have two components, an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling system. The difference is that instead of ducts circulating the air, the outdoor unit distributes conditioned air via a conduit line to each room or zone where an air handler is located. Without duct work, energy loss is reduced, along with your energy bills. Faulty ductwork is a leading cause of energy losses with any ducted air conditioning or heating system.

Ductless mini splits are easier to install in most cases than conventional systems. You can locate the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the air handlers. This allows for the compressor/condenser to be located in a more inconspicuous place and allows for flexibility of design.

The air handlers are small, and easily suspended from ceilings, mounted flush into a ceiling or along a wall. There are floor-standing options available as well. Ductless mini splits also come with remote controls to easily adjust the temperature on units located high up on walls or suspended from a ceiling. The most attractive feature is that temperatures can be controlled independently wherever the air handlers are located, allowing you to turn off the heat if it’s not needed in a certain area.

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