Considering Radiant Heating — What Are Your Options?

Winters on Lake Erie can get quite cold. Traditional heating methods, such as electric and fossil fuel heat, can waste energy and are often expensive to operate. One alternative to traditional heating systems is radiant heat. Radiant heating systems are typically installed in the floor, but some systems also work from the walls or ceiling of a home.Considering Radiant Heating -- What Are Your Options?

Radiant heat works by warming a pipe or plate, which then warms the room through convection. The principle is the same as how a turned-on stovetop will warm a kitchen. Radiant heat systems are often less expensive than traditional heating systems, but the cost varies by the style of heat.

Radiant floor heat works either by electricity, air or hydronic (water) heating. The most cost-effective radiant system is hydronic, as the energy required to heat water is much less than the energy required to heat air. Water holds heat longer, and is more efficient.

Radiant flooring is easiest to install during the construction of the home. However, some systems can be installed after the home is built. Wall and ceiling mounted radiant systems are best for supplemental heating, but radiant heating floor systems can replace other forms of whole-house heating.

Radiant heat is not suitable for all households. The ideal house for radiant heating is one with well-insulated floors, walls and crawlspaces. The floors will have thin carpeting or hard floors without carpet. Thick carpet eliminates much of the effectiveness of radiant heat.

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