Heat Pumps Offer Year-Round Efficiency, Comfort And Energy Savings

There’s a reason why so many people love their home’s heat pump. As heating and cooling costs continue to rise, heat pumps have emerged as one of the most efficient HVAC systems around. If you’ve in the market for a new furnace or would like to find a system that can both heat and cool your home, a heat pump may be the solution you’re looking for.

The way a heat pump works is simple. Unlike traditional furnaces that rely on combustion to produce heat, heat pumps use the concept of refrigeration to keep homeowners comfortable year round. During the heating season, the unit extracts heat from the outside air by drawing it across a condensation coil. As this occurs, the refrigerant in the coil converts to a gas and is passed across another set of condensation coils inside the house. Once inside, the refrigerant returns to its liquid state, and releases heat energy. The heat pump’s blower distributes this heat energy throughout the home until the desired temperature is reached. During the cooling season, this process is simply reversed, with heat from inside the home being transferred out-of-doors.

The heat pump’s ability to provide both heating and cooling is one of the features that makes it so desirable. Rather than maintaining multiple HVAC systems, homeowners only have one unit to keep track of. That can cut down on annual servicing or repair costs, as well as the expense associated with replacing a system when the time comes.

Newer heat pumps also offer a wide range of energy-efficient options that their predecessors did not. Variable speed blowers, improved coil design and two-speed compressors are all new  features that can reduce energy costs and lower utility bills. For cold weather climates (like ours), there are also new heat pumps specifically designed to maximize efficiency at even the lowest of winter temperatures. However, with many standard models, a back-up heating source, which actually may come as a feature of the heat pump, will be necessary during extended periods when it’s below freezing.

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