These Tips Can Help You Save Hot Water And Conserve Energy Dollars

Often homeowners think more about how to save money on heating their homes than heating water for home use. While heating your home probably accounts for about 30 percent of your energy bill, however, the cost of heating water isn’t far behind, at about 12 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The agency notes that there are several ways to save hot water, starting with lowering the thermostat on your watThese Tips Can Help You Save Hot Water And Conserve Energy Dollarser heater to 120 degrees. This may sound plenty hot enough – and it is, for the great majority of household uses – but some manufacturer settings actually set the thermostat much higher.

The most obvious way to save hot water is to use less of it. But it may help to know a bit more, such as which activities consume the most hot water. Washing clothes in hot water is the “leader,” using about 32 gallons for each wash. This activity is followed by taking showers and baths, both of which require about 20 gallons each time. It takes about 12 gallons of hot water to run your dishwasher, which means you can save water simply by running your dishwasher only when you have a full load.

Meanwhile, it takes five and four gallons of water, respectively, to prepare meals and wash dishes by hand. The numbers may be higher or lower, depending on whether you keep the water running – and running up your energy bill – while you go about these tasks.

While it may pay to insulate your water heater or to buy an energy-efficient model, there is no doubt you will save money by repairing leaky faucets and showerheads. In fact, one little drip can easily add up to gallons of wasted hot water in no time at all.

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