Reduce Your Heating Load And Alleviate The Burden On Your Furnace And Your Energy Budget

If you want to save money on your heating bill this winter, taking a few steps toward winterizing your home can reduce your bill and increase your comfort. Some of the things you can do cost little but will go a long way toward increasing your furnace efficiency. Winters in Northeast Ohio can be long, cold and damp, so going through your home to address energy-loss problems will help reduce your energy costs, while adding to your comfort.

  • Check for air leaks. Pick a breezy, cool day and go through the house, searching for drafts. Exterior wall outletReduce Your Heating Load And Alleviate The Burden On Your Furnace And Your Energy Budgets can allow cold air to seep into the house, which reduces your heating efficiency. Look for gaskets for electrical switches and outlets at the hardware store or home and garden store to place between the outlet and its faceplate.
  • Check your exterior doors and feel for drafts or look for light seeping through the door frame. Weatherstripping is easy to install and goes a long way toward keeping cold air out.
  • Inspect the windows. Like doors and outlets, air can enter your home through the window frame or ill-fitting windows. Caulk around the window frames outdoors to seal off drafts. Energy-efficient dual-pane windows go a long way toward sealing the heat inside and the cold out, but if there’s no room in the budget, consider storm windows for another layer of insulation against cold temperatures.
  • Close your drapes at night. Lined drapes create an insulating barrier between the cold window glass and warm interior air.
  • Change your furnace filters once a month during the heating season. Dust and debris collect on them over time and reduces the efficiency of your furnace, along with creating wear inside it.
  • Add more insulation to your attic, where substantial heat losses can occur. If the insulation is level with the floor joists, consider adding more to increase furnace efficiency. Adding batt or loose-fill insulation is a task homeowners can tackle with just a few instructions and tools.

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