When Your Ductwork Isn’t Sealed Good And Tight, You’re Losing More Than Air

Your home’s ductwork can be the source of major energy losses. When you have leaks in your ducts, conditioned air that’s been heated or cooled escapes before it can be delivered to the rooms of your home through your vents and registers. The end result is increased energy bills, as you’ll essentially have to work your heating or cooling system harder to achieve the desired result. Leaky ductwork can compromise your indoor comfort as well. In some cases, it’s very difficult to achieve even levels of heating or cooling in a home with duct leaks.

It’s fairly simply to seal leaks in exposed ductwork that you might find in your basement, crawlspace or attic. Simply use a suitable duct sealant product as directed if you find leaks in exposed areas. However, ducts that are buried in yWhen Your Ductwork Isn't Sealed Good And Tight, You're Losing More Than Air Western Clevelandour floors and walls are much more difficult to reach and require the skilled touch of a professional.

If you’re not sure whether you have leaky ducts, consider scheduling a home energy audit. During this process, a specially trained technician will visit your home and perform a thorough assessment of your energy efficiency, identifying areas where you’re wasting electricity and fuel, and suggesting ways to remedy the problem.

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