Your Solar System: Now That You Have It, How Do You Maintain It?

Congratulations on making the smart choice of installing a solar system for your household energy needs.  Now that you have a truly efficient power source, proper maintenance is one of the most important factors to keep in mind in order for your system to perform optimally. Luckily, much of what is necessary in the basic maintenance of your system can be done personally.

Use the following easy steps to make certain your solar system is providing the value you originally bought it for:

First off, the most straightforward thing you can do is check the collector shading. On an annual basis, observe your collector sporadically throughout the day to make sure it is getting its “fuel” the entire time the sun is out. This is important because external factors, such as plant or tree growth, can greatly affect the amount of energy you receive because they may be shading the collector when it’s trying to harness the sunlight. Also make sure that the collector is not dusty or soiled, which will naturally lower the performance. A simple wipe-down will be enough to make a big difference in efficiency.

After checking the collector, search for leaking fluids around the pipe connections. The seals and duct connections are supposed to be sealed with a mastic compound, so look over these areas and make certain these connections are tight and clean.

In addition, keep a close eye out for damage on the insulation covering pipes, roof penetrations, and the nuts and bolts that attach the collectors to the support structures. If you have a solar air heating system, then make sure the dampers open and close correctly.

Lastly, observe the entire storage systems for leaks and cracks as well as rust or corrosion.

Overall, solar maintenance can be simple if you stay vigilant. But remember that you should supplement this personal attention with the expert opinion of trained technicians if anything seems like it’s not working as expected. For more information or assistance, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbingtoday.

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