Mold, Dust and Critters: Three Very Good Reasons For A Thorough Duct Cleaning

The knowledge of indoor air pollution as an issue is growing as more and more people come to understand its effects on your health.  There are many gadgets and filters that you can invest in to clean polluted air in your home, but another effective approach is to attack the problem at its source, which is why duct cleaning can be so valuable.

The conditions in every home are so different that the same advice on duct cleaning won’t apply to everyone.  However, you can assess your own situation based on the presence of allergy symptoms, unexplained illnesses and the appearance of your ductwork.

If no one is experiencing any strange symptoms and the interior of the ducts looks clear, a cleaning is probably unnecessary.  However, if you or your family are suffering from symptoms that you suspect might be in relation to mold, dust or critters, you may be able to fix the problem with a routine duct cleaning.

There’s disagreement over how often ducts should be cleaned, though it certainly can’t hurt, if it’s done correctly.

Because duct cleaning isn’t necessarily clear cut, it’s important for you to carefully select the technician to do the job.  For reliable service done right the first time, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. This trustworthy contractor has the Greater Cleveland area for 75 years.

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