How Your Contractor Will Tailor Your New Air-Conditioning Equipment To The Exact Requirements Of Your Home

Having the right size air-conditioning system for your home is vital. If your A/C is too small, it will not be able to keep your home cool. If it is too large, it will run less efficiently, cycle on and off frequently, and not run long enough to remove unwanted humidity from the air, besides costing more to purchase in the first place.

So how do you know which size air-conditioning system to use? It’s not as simple as just looking at the square footage of your house, and using the same equipment as other homes of a similar size. There are way too many variables and differences between houses to go with this one-size-fits-all approach. And even if you are replacing an old system, you can’t just look at the old A/C and get a new one of the same size. Changes in the efficiency of air conditioners, and changes in your home over the years, have to be taken into account. Plus, there is no guarantee that your old system was sized correctly in the first place.

Instead, an HVAC professional should tailor an air-conditioning system to the specific needs of your home. To do this, they need to calculate your home’s heat gain. Heat gain is the amount of heat your home absorbs from any and all sources. The sources of heat gain can include:

  • Heat that passes through the walls, ceiling, or floor from the outside air.
  • Sunlight shining through windows.
  • Body heat from you, your family, and any pets.
  • Waste heat produced by appliances within your home (such as the refrigerator, stove, or oven).

The amount of heat gain from each source is calculated, and it’s that calculation that determines which air-conditioning system the home requires.

All of this does require more work on the part of the HVAC contractor, but it’s an important service that any true professional should offer as part of their services.

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