Pollen Season’s Peaking In Lorain County — Here Are Some Ways You Can Allergy-Proof Your Home

Different seasons bring different types of pollen to aggravate you and your loved ones.  Whether you have only mild sensitivities to pollen or serious allergic reactions, your home should be a safe and healthy haven during pollen season.  If it’s not, here are some helpful hints to allergy-proof your home and relieve some of your symptoms.  Your goal should be to keep as much pollen outside your home as possible without tracking it inside with you:

  • Place a doormat on the outside and inside of exterior doors and wipe your shoes on both of them before entering your home.  Much pollen is brought in on the soles of your shoes, so a “double doormat” system will help keep it from being tracked inside your home.
  • Vacuuming your carpets frequently is one of the most important steps to making your home allergy-proof.  Even with double doormats, some pollen will still find its way onto your carpets. Subsequently, this pollen will become disturbed each time you walk across the room.
  • Peak pollen release is generally from 5 a.m. – 10 a.m.  Do your yard work in the afternoons.
  • Shower as soon as you come in from working outside and place your clothes immediately in a clothes hamper after removing them.
  • Wipe down your pet’s coat before it enters the home after playing outside.  If you don’t, Fido’s coat will act as a pollen magnet and he will drop pollen grains on your carpet, on your furniture, on your bed, and on you as he walks throughout your home.
  • Clean, replace or even upgrade your air filters.  Basic-model air filters are designed to protect your air-conditioning equipment… not you.  Upgrading to a MERV 7-13 air filter will substantially relieve your allergic symptoms. When in doubt, read the label to make sure it’s the kind that will remove pollen and mold.
  • There are many options of air purification systems to help allergy-proof your home.  An experienced HVAC consultant can help guide you through these options to help you decide which one is best for you.

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