How Sealing Your Ductwork Can Plug The Drain On Your Pocketbook

Would you consider opening your bedroom window and throwing cash onto the street every morning when you get out of bed? That is essentially what you’re doing every time you turn your central heating or air conditioning system on, if your ductwork is not in good repair. According to the federal Energy Star program, a typical house might lose 20 percent of its heating and cooling energy because of poorly designed and maintained ducts.

There are several ways your ductwork could be losing expensive conditioned air before it delivers it to the rooms that need it:

  • Seams and joints between duct sections will leak if they are not properly sealed with duct mastic or metal tape designed for ducts.
  • Sections of ducts could have shifted and become disconnected during construction or subsequent foundation settling.
  • The filter housing may not be properly sealed to keep air from leaking around the edges of the filter slot.
  • Ductwork that runs through your attic or other unconditioned spaces will lose a lot of energy if it’s not properly insulated.

You can inspect and repair some of your ducts yourself, but you might prefer to have a heating and air conditioning expert do the work if it requires working in difficult-to-reach areas or if you’re not sure what work needs to be done.

Use high-quality sealants designed for use on ducts when making repairs. The gray “duct tape” that you buy at your local supermarket will deteriorate rapidly under extreme temperature fluctuations and is not suitable for sealing ducts.

While you are having your ducts inspected, take a look at your home’s overall level of insulation. Upgrading attic and crawlspace insulation, if they are not adequate for the Northeast Ohio climate, will pay back quickly by reducing your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

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