How UV Lights Impact Your Home’s Inside Air

Ohio’s wet spring created a breeding ground for pollutants in your home, allowing them to make their way into the coils and components of your air conditioning system. Once the contaminants take up residence in your HVAC unit, mold spores and bacteria cells will infiltrate the air whenever your air conditioner is running.

This summer many Ohio homeowners may be installing ultraviolet (UV) lights in their HVAC systems to improve their indoor air quality. Often required in healthcare facilities, these lights are an effective way to decontaminate and neutralize any airborne allergens, pollutants or odors in your home. The energy UV lights produce will destroy a variety of contaminants such as mold and germs.

UV lights are placed in the main supply or return duct of air-source heat pump or air conditioning systems, where they sterilize the air as it travels through the HVAC unit. Generally, UV lights stay on 24/7 and only use between 15 and 85 watts, depending on your air conditioning system.

Don’t expect UV lights to clean the air in your duct system with a single pass. Because the air in your home re-circulates over 50 times during normal daily usage of your heating and air conditioning equipment, the UV lights will eliminate additional contaminants with every pass.

You also should know that UV lights:

  • Are free of ozone emissions that are recognized lung irritants;
  • Will cut the accumulation of airborne bioaerosols in half within 45 minutes; and
  • Come in single or dual lamp options.

Consider having your HVAC contractor or technician install UV lights in your air conditioning system when they conduct a maintenance check on your unit. Doing so will keep your home bacteria and mold free, enhance its indoor air quality, and improve your family’s overall health.

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