Uncertain Weather Patterns This Year Mean Ohioans Need A Stand-By Generator More Than Ever

This year’s unpredictable weather patterns have left many Ohio homeowners without power for hours, days and sometimes weeks. A non-functioning heating and air conditioning system is not only an inconvenience; it also can be life-threatening for sick or elderly individuals. One way residents can protect their homes from unexpected power outages is by investing in a stand-by generator. These units will also give you peace of mind knowing you’ll never be without power again.

Stand-by generators provide a backup power supply for your home. Permanently installed outdoors, these units have engines that allow them to operate during a power outage. Stand-by generators are connected to your natural gas line or liquid propane tank. Using these reliable fuel sources, they produce electricity as long as necessary.

In lieu of a thermostat, stand-by generators have automatic transfer switches that keep track of your utility power. When your power goes out, the switch automatically turns your generator on and then turns it off when your power comes back on. Unlike portable generators, stand-by generators will turn on and off whether anyone is home.

Here are some other things you should know about stand-by generators before buying one for your home:

  • Like other HVAC equipment, stand-by generators vary in size and features. Some are large enough to power everything in the home, while smaller models may only power certain circuits. For instance, you might just want to run the HVAC system.
  • Due to their low level of gaseous emissions, these generators are considered to be environmentally friendly.
  • Stand-by generators are permanently installed outside and operate like a central air conditioner.
  • Stand-by generators are a better source of backup power than portable units.

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