If A Smaller Carbon Footprint And Lower Energy Bills Are Your Priorities, Consider Solar

Your carbon footprint is comprised of all the energy you use on a daily basis. For example, every time your heating or cooling system turns on or you take a warm shower, your carbon footprint is likely growing, since most of these systems uses energy derived from a carbon source such as oil. Solar energy is a so-called free energy source, with its use not contributing to your carbon footprint once the system has been installed in your home.

With increasing energy prices, a sun-powered home comfort system like the Lennox SunSource System is an economically viable choice. In a climate like Northeast Ohio, where heating and cooling runs for a large portion of the year, savings in utility costs due to a solar system will pay for the initial up-front investment.

To determine the most efficient system, you should talk to a professional in the heating and cooling industry. In general, because of the amount and intensity of the sunlight Ohio receives it probably makes sense to install collectors with a high sunlight collecting capability or increase the number of panels.

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