With The Right Carbon Monoxide Detector, You Can Breathe Easy

Carbon monoxide detectors provide not only safety but also peace of mind.  When used properly, the right kind of detector will eliminate any worry about leaking carbon monoxide.

Advancements in carbon monoxide detectors allow them to not only warn you when carbon monoxide is detected but also provide you with other important information.  New models can display the current carbon monoxide level, as well as tell you what the highest recent level was.  This can help you determine if there are fluctuations that may indicate a potential health hazard.

While a carbon monoxide detector should never be confused as a smoke detector, hybrid models are available.  This can help you reduce the number of instruments you need to install to ensure you and your family’s safety.  But it’s important to remember that a regular CO detector only warns you about the presence of carbon monoxide while a smoke detector will sound when it detects smoke from a fire.

One of the keys to getting the most out of your CO detector is proper placement.  Keep one close to where you sleep.  Have it at head level by your bed so that if it goes off in the middle of the night, it will be sure to wake you up.  If you have multiple detectors, place them in a similar fashion in other occupied bedrooms.

Also be sure to not place them too close to fuel-burning appliances.  An appliance such as a gas stove may emit a trace amount of carbon monoxide when being used. It’s not dangerous but it may be detected.  To avoid hearing the alarm every time you use a fuel-burning appliance, keep the detector at least 15 feet away.  Also keep them out of areas that can get humid such as bathrooms.

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