Programmable Thermostats Maximize Comfort All Year Round

When you are away from home during the week, whether at work or running errands, a programmable thermostat can be just the thing to ensure your home remains comfortable. Returning to a cold or hot house (depending on the season) isn’t pleasant after a long day out and about.

Programmable thermostats can be set to control the temperature of your home at various times according to your needs. They provide a great convenience, as well as energy savings. The money you save with the use of one of these thermostats can go toward important preventive maintenance for the equipment and structure of your home.

The programmable thermostats are easy to operate. All you need to do is program the thermostat for reduced heating or cooling during the night or when the house isn’t occupied. For instance, if your home is unoccupied for four or more hours straight during the day, you can adjust the thermostat so the desired temperatures are maintained during this period. It will automatically increase the heating or cooling just prior to family members returning home.

Naturally, when using a programmable thermostat, you will find your heating and cooling efficiency will improve greatly. And everyone likes to save on energy bills, especially these days with energy costs the way they are. Homes take a lot of care and you want money left over for vital preventive maintenance projects.

There are a few types of programmable thermostats you can choose from:

  • Clock thermostats
  • Digital thermostats
  • Digital thermostats with PID controller

Of these, the digital models offer a number of convenient features such as overrides, multiple settings and even the ability to adjust for daylight savings time.

Where your thermostat is located will affect its efficiency. Always make sure yours is not close to any source of cold or heat. They should be installed on an interior wall, and not situated close to a doorway, window or skylight.

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