Options For Residential Standby Generators

Electricity keeps our lives moving along, whether at home, work, or school.  “Roughing it” without electrical appliances and conveniences is great if you’re camping in the wilderness over a long weekend, but losing the power to your house for a few days, or even a few hours, can be difficult.  That’s where standby generators come into play.

Depending on your needs, whole-home standby generators can provide electricity for your entire house if the power goes out, or a smaller, portable generator can be set up to run a few critical appliances (such as a refrigerator or stove and lighting) until power is restored.  Here are some factors to think about when considering your options:

  • Does anyone in your family require electrically powered medical devices to maintain their health?  If so, a whole-home generator would be the best solution.
  • Does your standby generator need to be able to start (and load) automatically?  With this type of setup, the moment that grid power is lost, the generator starts and powers your critical appliances, even if no one is home.
  • Do you just need to power a few appliances or lights when the power goes out?  One of the smaller, portable standby generators with a control panel that you can plug extension cords into might be a good, temporary solution.
  • Do you have HVAC systems, such as a furnace, that is hardwired to the electrical system in your home?  You’ll need to install a transfer switch and panel to the main load center / breaker box in your house.

Simply thinking about the various impacts that losing power could have on the safety and comfort of your family is the most difficult part of deciding what type of standby generators and support systems are needed.  A qualified expert can review the electrical needs of your home, and recommend the best solution that fits within your personal budget.

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