Have Your Air-Conditioning System Checked Out Now To Keep It Humming All Summer Long

With the cooling season just around the corner in the Greater Cleveland area, now is the time to ensure your air conditioning system is running at peak performance. Spring is the time to check your cooling system to avoid costly breakdowns and the discomfort of having a system out of order when you need it most — and at a time when you are most likely to have to wait longer for service.

While there is some simple preventive maintenance you can perform  — such as ensuring your filter is clean, clearing any vent obstructions and removing grass, leaves and other debris from the outdoor condensing unit — the comprehensive annual service should be performed by a trained and fully equipped professional. Your service person should provide a checklist of the system components to be examined.

Before we begin.
We will review the work to be performed and answer any additional questions

At The Furnace

#1 Reset thermostat and check wiring connections
#2 Cycle system through one complete cycle.
#3 Check unit operation according to charging calculator.
#4 Check temperature drop across evaporator.
#5 Check evaporator coil performance.

At The Outdoor Unit
#6 Read, record liquid line temperatures.
#7 Read, record suction line temperature.
#8 Read, record discharge gas temperature.
#9 Check contactor contacts for voltage drop.

#10 Check compressor voltage.
#11 Check service valves and service port caps.
#12 Inspect electrical connections, condenser
#13 Inspect condenser coil
#14 Clean cabinet

At the Furnace
Check condensate drain, flush if necessary.
#16 Take amperage reading of blower motor.
#17 Inspect and lubricate blower motor.
#18 Inspect blower assembly.
#19 Inspect filter.
#20 Check thermostat operation

#21 Perform carbon monoxide test on hot water heater

After we finish
We review the restoration service results.
We review any appropriate indoor air quality issues.

The goal of the annual inspection is to ensure your system will operate at peak performance during the cooling season. Depending on the results of your annual service, your technician may recommend repairs, further adjustments or replacing parts. By scheduling your annual service before the cooling season is in full swing, you are more likely to receive any needed parts and service much faster than if you were in the middle of the high demand summer months..

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