Upgrading? Here’s What You Need To Know About Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

Are you an Ohio homeowner ready to replace your central air conditioner? If your central air is getting on in years, or has been costing a lot in repairs, you may want to look at a heat pump to replace it. When thinking of heat pumps, the “heat” part of the name tends to throw people off when they’re considering how to cool their home or office. Heat-pump air conditioning, though, should be given thoughtful consideration when considering a new central air unit.

Central air and heat-pump air conditioning work in a similar, but not exactly the same, manner. There are a few distinct differences in the two. Here are just a some of them:

  • Heat pumps cool by transferring heat from inside the home to the outside. Air conditioners continuously cool the same air as it is recycled though the home.
  • In cooling mode, heat pumps have a higher efficiency ratio per unit of electricity. To simplify, a heat pump can deliver 2 or more units of cooling for each unit of electricity. Air conditioners perform closer to the 1 to 1 ratio.
  • High-efficiency heat pumps remove more humidity from indoor air than air conditioners.
  • The comfort of heat-pump air conditioning is higher quality than the comfort of standard air conditioning.

An additional benefit of the new heat pump is its ability to produce heat. As temperatures lower, the heat pump can produce efficient warmth on cool days. Once the temperature drops to seriously cold temperatures, your gas furnace can then be used.

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