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An Energy Evaluation Can Guide Your Home Comfort Improvements

A home energy evaluation, also known as an energy audit or assessment, is a great way to evaluate your HVAC system’s performance and the effectiveness of the thermal envelope in your Northeast

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Utility Bills on the Rise? A DIY Energy Audit Can Get You Back on Track

An energy audit of your home is a good weekend project that will help you save money on your monthly energy bills. The audit will expose spots where air leaks

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Energy Evaluation Basics: What the Blower Door Test Entails

If you live in an older home, or you’ve noticed your energy bills steadily climbing, it may be time for an energy evaluation. Sure, you could go through your home

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Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector: 5 Tips For Safe Handling

Modern HVAC equipment and fuel-burning appliances are usually very safe, but accidents, damage and unexpected malfunctions can lead to the release of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) into

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The DIY Energy Evaluation: A Saturday Project That Can Yield Long-Term Savings

A professional energy evaluation is designed to help you spot energy-wasting problems in your home. Knowing the problems is the first step toward correcting them and improving your home’s efficiency.

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Experiencing Energy Loss? How An Energy Audit Can Provide The Solution

Hiring a professional to perform a home energy audit can help you locate areas of energy loss due to air leaks, inadequate insulation, outdated equipment and poorly installed ductwork. Identifying

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How Do Variable-Speed Blower Motors Enhance Energy Savings?

Although you may have heard the term “variable-speed blower,” unless you’re as obsessed with the HVAC industry as we are, you may not know exactly what it means and how

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Heat Pumps Offer Year-Round Efficiency, Comfort And Energy Savings

There’s a reason why so many people love their home’s heat pump. As heating and cooling costs continue to rise, heat pumps have emerged as one of the most efficient

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These Tips Can Help You Save Hot Water And Conserve Energy Dollars

Often homeowners think more about how to save money on heating their homes than heating water for home use. While heating your home probably accounts for about 30 percent of

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Don’t Let Poor Ductwork Design Negatively Impact Your Energy Costs — Factors To Consider

Designing ductwork and its installation has a large impact on the heating and cooling costs of your home. According to the federal Energy Savers program, up to 30 percent of

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