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Don’t Forget the Duct Inspection

With summer well under way in Northeast Ohio, your A/C has been humming away to keep you and your family comfortable. Unlucky for you, you may be losing conditioned air

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Follow These Ductwork Design Principles for Your New Home

When you are building a new home in the Cleveland area, the physical layout, the material types and the sizes of your air ducts should be factored into the design

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Tight Ducts Are Common Sense: How Are Yours?

Having an energy-efficient home is the primary goal for most homeowners. With an efficient heating system, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills. One of the most common areas of heat loss

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Don’t Let Aging Ductwork Bring Your Cleveland Area Home’s Efficiency Down

Before the mid 1990s, energy efficiency wasn’t a major priority in home construction. One of the places where this is most obvious is in the ductwork. Ductwork often was put

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What Makes for Good Ductwork Design? You’ll Need to Know for Your New Home or Redo

Whether you are building a new home, or are undertaking substantial renovation, implementing good ductwork design can save you money and improve the efficiency of your home heating and cooling systems.

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Duct Leaks in Your Northeast Ohio Home: They’re Costing You Money and Undermining Your Air Quality

Your home’s HVAC system is meant to be a closed network that recirculates household air through a series of ducts, grilles and registers, to be cooled or heated, and then

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Ductwork Diagnosis: Some Common Problems

What could go wrong with something as simple as ductwork? Quite a lot, it turns out. Residential ductwork often wasn’t fabricated to last the life of the house. Within a

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Believe It or Not, Ductwork Design Makes a Difference in Your Ohio Home

The ductwork design of your home is just as important as the efficiency of its building materials and heating and cooling systems. Prioritizing ductwork design when you’re planning your new

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How Your Duct-System Layout Influences The Way Your Furnace Delivers

Your home’s duct-system layout plays an important role in the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system. If the ducts are improperly sized, poorly sealed and/or insulated, installed in

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Ductwork Sealing Prevents Lost Energy

As the temperatures drop and your heating bills rise, you’ll likely focus your attention on ways to improve the efficiency of your heating system, whether through a programmable thermostat, sealing

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