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The Copper in Your Air Conditioner Condenser: For Thieves, It’s Like Gold

When most people think of home burglaries, they think of unsavory individuals forcing a door in order to take electronics or jewelry. While this type of theft does happen, there’s

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What’s Your Air Filter IQ? Some Tips to Increase It

Air filter maintenance is one of the more important factors affecting the operation of your Cleveland area home’s cooling and heating systems, and one that you, as the homeowner, can

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Your Air Conditioner Does an Important Job: Learn How It Works

Your air conditioner works hard all summer long to keep your home cool so that you and your loved ones can be comfortable. Learn the basic workings of your air

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Efficient A/Cs: There’s More to Them Than Just Superior ROI

When you’re replacing your Northeast Ohio home’s cooling system, you’ll definitely want to choose your replacement among the especially efficient A/Cs on the market today. Besides a faster payback with

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Relief for Your A/C Compressor: Put These Tips to Work

The dog days of the hot Northeast Ohio summer can take a toll on your air conditioner, particularly the compressor. An overworked air conditioner will cost more to operate and

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A/C and Dehumidifier: Does Your Home Need Both?

It’s not just heat that’s the enemy of overall home comfort. Excess humidity also plays a role in making home spaces unbearable to be in. Having too much humidity in

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Your Split Air-Conditioning System: The Right Match Is a Must

What should you do when only one side of your split air-conditioning system starts acting up? Your initial thought may be to simply replace the ailing component, but the answer

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4 Key Air Conditioner Installation Factors That Can Optimize or Undermine Performance

With summer here, you may find that it’s time for a new cooling system for your Greater Cleveland area home. Newer A/Cs are more efficient than ever, but there are

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Why Delay an A/C Replacement When You Could Be Enjoying All These Benefits Right Now?

Have you been trying to decide if you can squeeze one more year out of your air conditioner? Though your cooling system might make it through one more summer, an

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Don’t Let Common A/C Problems Get You Down — What Can Happen and What to Do

If your air conditioner hasn’t seemed in peak form lately, don’t let it get you down. These common A/C problems can be identified and addressed with simple repairs or adjustments

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