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Troubleshooting the Heat Pump: A Practical Guide

Heat pumps do more than just heat your home during the winter; they also cool it during the summer. Heat pumps operate similar to central air conditioning in the summer

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Selecting a Water Heater: Many Options, but Choose Carefully

A good water heater is essential for making sure that you have plenty of hot water for your showers, laundry and dishes. When you’re selecting a water heater, there are a

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Should My On-Demand Water Heater Take This Long To Heat Water?

An on-demand water heater does away with one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional storage tank water heaters – the tank. Heat loss from the storage tank often wastes energy because water must

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Summer is Nearly Over – Plan Fall Furnace Maintenance Now

Sometimes summer can seem like it is much too short, and as it comes to an end in the Cleveland area, now is the time to start planning for the

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Your Cleveland Home Has Several HVAC Systems: Here’s How They Work Together

You may think the cooling and heating abilities of your home come from completely different systems, but modern climate control technologies have allowed the integration of air conditioners and heating

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Heat Gain in Your Cleveland Area Home: Don’t Overlook It

Reducing how much heat gain enters your Cleveland area home during the hot days of summer can help you reduce your monthly cooling costs and keep your household feeling consistently

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What’s Triggering Your Indoor Allergy Symptoms?

Do you struggle with allergies that don’t subside, even when you take medication and stay indoors? Have you recently been diagnosed with asthma, or suffered from a cold that just

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Five Crucial Things to Know Before Replacing Your A/C

With summer well under way, it’s past time to think about how to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you have an old cooling system or one that’s giving

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Why the A/C in Your Cleveland Area Home May Need Help Dehumidifying

Summer is usually the season when humidity is at its peak. High humidity of course means that there’s a large amount of moisture in the air, which makes your home

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HVAC Terms That Can Give You a Better Understanding of Your System

For most of us, the HVAC installation in our homes represents the single greatest investment we make aside from the house itself. It’s important to know at least the basic HVAC

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